Red Rooster Bakery is the culmination of 25 years of baking the house made breads, baguettes, Olive country bread, sour dough baguettes, croissants, pain du chocolate, muffins, scones, pastries, crackers, breadsticks, farmer’s market fruit pies that are served at the restaurants: Capo, Cora’s Coffee Shoppe, Brentwood Restaurant and House Café.

If you like bagels, these a truly the real deal.They do not resemble anything available in Los Angeles because they are hand made in small batches, boiled and then baked in our special oven that give them a texture and crust that really defines a true bagel. Real onions for the onion bagel, not onion flakes.

Classic recipes with the finest ingredients available.Bruce Marder, the chef of these restaurants, was trained in French technique and worked at a 3 star restaurant in Italy. He has been cooking for 40 years with the same passion that brought him to cooking in the first place. He develops all the recipes so you can enjoy them, now at home.

It’s all about technique and taste that really standout for an all-around great dining experience.

The significance of the Red Rooster Logo is that it a classic image portrayed in the Italian heritage of great food, at restaurants with their relaxed presentations and atmosphere, that we all associate with Italian. It’s about that experience that we have tried to capture. Chef Bruce uses classic and modern cooking techniques, with the desire to serve the best that we serve at our restaurants, that laid the seed for Red Rooster. We have always baked our own products but now we offer them for retail and wholesale customers.

Come by and check us out, have a cappuccino or espresso and enjoy.